About us

Cultivate WA Inc. is a not-for-profit coworking space based in Midland, Western Australia. Made of a committee of dedicated members from a variety of industries and backgrounds, we aim to be a 'home base' for small businesses and startups in the Swan Valley and Wheatbelt areas in Western Australia. 

We aim to be fully functioning and self-supporting by early 2019. 

Our Vision

We aim to be a home-base for connecting people, to foster innovation, entrepreneurship and change

Our Mission

As a coworking space, we aim to connect future-minded changemakers that create movements that will direct us to an optimistic future about the world we live in.

Our Values

Conscious -  We at Cultivate WA do our best to be conscious of how we impact the environment as a co-working space, and take steps to minimise our carbon footprint.


Creative -  At Cultivate WA, we constantly endeavor to take different paths, try new methods and achieve new outcomes. By utilising design thinking, we also prototype any new developments to make sure they turn out as best they can.


Collaborative - A co-working space in its true nature is collaborative. Cultivate WA aims to be collaborative both internally and externally - solving any problems we might have, and solve them with as much input from others as possible. 

The Committee 

Our committee is made of a variety of individuals from a variety of industries, including education, agriculture, innovation and design. Our members are:

  • Levi Fordham (Chairperson)

  • Daniel Mackey (Secretary)

  • Benn Olsen (Treasurer)

  • Elaine Olsen 

  • Marc Kendall 

  • Connor Disselkoen

  • Nicholas Smith

The Nitty Gritty

IARN Number: 1025110S

Model Rules (DMIRS)

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